November 8, 2008

NVV: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year, and while we love the idea -- it's pretty lightweight. Here's everything you want to know from the latest issue.

November 2008
  • Economy: Doom & gloom; everyone is tucking in. Merchants asking for your support.
  • Planned: Whole Foods is taking over Bell Market in February and will be closed for about 6 months to remodel existing space; Nutraceutical Corp. is lying about making any progress on the Real Foods space; Noe Bagel building will be restored to original facade plus one floor.
  • Opening: Omnivore Books, Contigo, Noe Soup, Joe & Eddie's Henry's Hunan.
  • Closing: Streetlight Records (January 31), Noe Valley Video, Kookez (no one is talking about what's to come of the space), Vetran's Liquors (lost lease).
  • Events: Noel Valley Stroll - Dec 13 (more here later); Harvest Fest: 8,000 people, cost $28k, raised $4k for next year, will expand westward next year.
  • Cost of living in Noe: Coming down - October was the first month in two years that a single-family home didn't sell for more than $2M; rents are still up.
  • Rumors: 22nd St Residents are complaining about tickets for parking in their driveways; the trees coming down on 24th St have a hearing at City Hall on November 19 due to protest.
[The Noe Valley Voice]