April 21, 2019

This Week in Noe Valley: Oyster Bar Coming Soon, Kidnapping Rumor and Pops of Color

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April 7, 2019

NVV April 2019: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are notable highlights from the latest issue. Links are to stories we've covered here on NVSF or other resources. Follow the NVV link at the bottom for full articles and all the ads.

April 2019

Front Page: The buyer of $10 million mansion at 801 Sanchez at 21st St wants to raze the 4,600 sq. ft. building and erect a 7800 sq. ft. mansion in its place; an interview with a good samaritan and the chief trash officer of 22nd St; Noe dog park will now be open 6 days per week.

Features: The story of the bull on top of Haystack: It was a gift from the 83-year-old owner's girlfriend to celebrate his vitality. A neighbor complained that the bull's genitals were visible from the sidewalk, so he has since moved it to the roof. The bull's name is Trump, "because the president is 'just like a bull. He puts his head down and keeps on going, and he doesn't listen to nobody." Plus: More details on the permit troubles of the proposed Doggy Style, Inc.

Cost of Living in Noe Valley: The average price of a single-family home in January was $3 million; only 7 houses changed hands in February.

Short Takes: The Noe Valley Garden Tour is scheduled for May 4, 2019. The Noe Valley Easter Egg Hunt in Douglass Park is scheduled for April 20. Lots of events are also planned for the Noe Valley Town Square this spring and summer.

Store Trek: Noe's Cantina, 1199 Church St. at 24th

Rumors and Tidbits: First Republic on Castro was smashed by a truck and the perps made off with a 374-pound ATM machine. Charlie's Corner has relocated to the former Cardio-Tone space on 24th near Church as its former home undergoes soft story reconstruction. Peasant Pies is also closed for the reconstruction and renovating its space; in the meantime you can get their pies at Whole Foods. Yoga Flow Noe Valley in the old Radio Shack space hopes to open in July. Holy Kitchen Indian restaurant is closing and a group called Bon Appetikka is taking over the permit. Globe In is moving out of the former Cliche Noe space and relocating up Castro Hill with offices only. Compass real estate has swallowed Alain Pinel and now has at least four offices on 24th St. alone.

[The Noe Valley Voice]

April 6, 2019

This Week in Noe Valley: Lashes and Eggings, Aster Closes and Guamanian Food Rises, Plus Other Local Restaurant News

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