November 17, 2008

Update: Noe Valley Voted

We were surprised to report on November 5th, that only 55% of Noe Valley residents voted this year. As the Vote by Mail ballots are counted, though, the picture becomes more clear:

Registered: 16,582
Ballots Cast: 14,223
Turnout: 85.8% (Citywide: 78.5%)
Election Day Reporting: 7,735
Vote by Mail / Absentee Reporting: 6,488 (45.6%) (Citywide: 46.4%)

The Castro is the only neighborhood that turned out in higher numbers (86.3%).

We'll post analysis of how Noe Valley voted after the results are certified in early December.

[SF Dept of Elections: Neighborhood Statistics]
[NVSF: Noe Valley Voted]