November 24, 2008

For Sale: Noe Valley Liquor Store

From the listing:
Newly Remodeled Liquor Store with Low Rent. Looks nice and in great residential neighborhood with well established customer base. Sells Beer, Wine, Liquor, Grocery, and some Produce items. Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment included but not the inventory.

Since: 1900
Current Ownership: Early 2008
Gross: $35,000(Approximate Average Monthly)
Lease: 4 years left+5 years may be possible.
Rent: $1,500.
Employees: 1
Open: 7 days each week.

So... Recent remodel, recent change of owner. "4 years left" means it couldn't be Vetran's Liquor, and "1" employee knocks out most stores we can think of. Any guesses?

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