November 17, 2008

Street Art: Crosswalks

Of course pedestrian safety is paramount, and the Noe Valley Association was right to spend money improving the crosswalks at Castro & 24th St. But instead of a seizure-inducing brick pattern, imagine what kind of attention-getting crosswalk we could have had.

[WebUrbanist: The (Literal) ‘Street Art’ of Pedestrian Crosswalks (via Curbed)]


murphstahoe said...

The real problem with the new crosswalk at 24th/Castro is not the seizure-inducing pattern.

There is a problem in general with paint on pavement, and the paint there is especially problematic. Paint beads up water. Paint with beads of water gets very slippery. A normal crosswalk has gaps through which a bike can safely cross a crosswalk. The one at 24th and Castro does not, AND it's at the bottom of a 5% gradient where bikes with wet rims will not be able to control speed as easily.

I predict accidents on that crosswalk.

Anonymous said...

the crosswalk at 24th and castro seriously messes with my head--i can't look directly at it, it's like an optical illusion--not a fan!