November 7, 2008

Doorstep Menus: Wild Pepper

San Francisco restaurants are required to post inspection scores where patrons can see them. But not all restaurants cater to eat-in customers - they do most of their business as take-out or delivery. Here we report inspection scores for restaurants leaving menus on Noe Valley doorsteps. We'll update the post for each eatery as new information becomes available.

Name: Wild Pepper
Address: 3601 26th Street

Current Score: 78/100 (October 30)

High Risk: Rodents/Roaches/Flies/Other Animals
Moderate Risk: Food in poor condition/unsafe/adulterated
Low Risk: Improper Food Storage/Improper Container ID; Floors, Walls, Ceilings Improperly constructed, in disrepair, not clean; Thermometers Required

Previous Inspections:

December, 2007: 62/100
August 2006: 51/100
February 2006: 88/100
June, 2005: 87/100

Getting a doorstep menu that we're not? Send us a picture of the menu and we'll post about it.

[Health Code: SB 180]
[SFDPH Scores: Environmental Health]
[Clean Scores: Wild Pepper]

[NVSF: All Doorstep Menu Posts]


Anonymous said...

More like this please! It's bad enough that these restaurants trash the neighborhood with their menus. Now we can know about unsafe food too! Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I love your blog!

P.S. I think Eric's has has some health inspection problems in the recent past.

Anonymous said...

Even worse, the food from Wild Pepper is revolting. I ordered from them once. Won't make that mistake again.

I'm considering putting a sign on my door that says "If you leave a flyer, I promise I will not do business with you, ever."