June 30, 2009

MadKat Morphs, Neighbors Unhappy

We haven't been able to confirm what's happening in the old MadKat space at 3836 24th St, but apparently the neighbors aren't pleased with the work. The following complaints have been filed at the building department:
  • Construction on going without a permit
  • Plumbing work in the commercial space w/o permits
  • Elextrical work w/o permit in the commercial space, walls have been opened without permit, ceiling w/out permit
Apparently it's not possible to complain about the paint color.

[NVSF: MadKat Closed?]

Confirmed: GNC Closing

We posted in January that GNC was rumored to close and today the shelves are empty. GNC will officially close its Noe Valley location on July 7th. Don't know where you'll get your fix? The helpful sign in the window directs you to other San Francisco locations for your "nutrition" needs.

[NVSF: Closing: More Rumors on 24th Street]

Opening Tomorrow: Bistro 24

Bistro 24 is on schedule to open July 1st. Please report back if you check it out.

Update (7/1): "Bistro 24 will be opening today July 1st at 6pm. Our business hours will be Tuesday thru Sunday 6pm - 12am. In a few weeks we will introduce brunch service and also open on Mondays."

That's right! Late night dining in Noe Valley.

Bistro 24
4123 24th St

[NVSF: Announced: Bistro 24]

PSA: Armed Robberies in Noe Valley and Glen Park

Dear Residents and Merchants of Glen Park and Noe Valley,

There has been an increase in the number of armed robberies on our streets in the late evening hours in Glen Park and Noe Valley. We, in the San Francisco Police Department, are committed to public safety.

As we investigate and move forward, here are some ways you can avoid becoming a victim:
  • Avoid wearing headphones, i-pods or using your cell phone when walking in the community. It reduces your awareness of your surroundings and thieves target these items to steal.
  • Keep your wallet and cell phone on your person and do not place them in your bag or purse. Attempt to separate your identification from your wallet. In the event you are a victim, your identification will remain with you as your purse or wallet is taken.
  • If you are a victim, call the police immediately. Do not wait until you are home to call. Every minute counts to catch these thieves.
  • Try to remember the suspect’s description. Look to see if a vehicle is involved and concentrate on obtaining the license plate of the vehicle.
  • At night, walk in well lit areas and attempt to travel with other persons.
Method of Operation
  • The suspects usually target people who are walking alone late at night. In some cases from the BART station.
  • The suspect places a gun to the victim and goes through their pockets. They have taken cash, identification and cell phones.
  • The suspects are described as African American males, both between 16 and 18 years old. The first suspect is 5’6, 160lbs, dark clothing. The second suspect is 5’7, 140lbs, wearing dark clothing.
Dial 911 for immediate police assistance or 415-553-8090 from a cell phone. If you have information regarding these recent robberies, you may phone Ingleside Station’s Anonymous Tip Line at 415-587-8984.

Captain David Lazar
Commanding Officer
Ingleside Police Station
San Francisco Police Department

[NVSF: All posts tagged 'armed robbery']

Crime Beat: Armed Robberies Continue

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.

More of the same:
June 29, 2009

Street Robbery
-- 11:15pm. 1800 block Church St. Officer Plantiga and Officer Khan responded to a call of an armed robbery. The victim stated that she had been confronted on the sidewalk in front of her house by two males. One suspect placed his hand under his shirt and displayed and object that the victim believed was a handgun. The two suspects forced the victim to surrender some U.S. currency, her ID, and her debit card before fleeing on foot from the scene.
And nearby:
Street Robbery -- 11:00pm. Elk St. / Chenery St. Officer Stansbury prepared a report at Ingleside Station regarding a street robbery that had just occurred. The victim stated that she had just gotten off the Muni bus at Elk and Chenery and was walking on the sidewalk when she heard a vehicle stop, and then start back up again, from somewhere
behind her. The victim then saw a small to mid-sized vehicle slowly pass her and disappear around a street corner. As she continued walking near the tennis courts, she was suddenly set upon by two males. The victim believed that one suspect may have been holding a firearm underneath his shirt and was pointing it at her. The two suspects stole various items,
including the victim's cell phone, and fled on foot, disappearing in the direction where the victim had noticed the suspicious vehicle had been driven. The victim was able to recover several of her personal items that
the suspects had dropped while they were fleeing on foot.
Also yesterday:
Buglary -- 11:52am. 500 block 28th St. Officer Lundy prepared a report of a residential burglary. An unknown suspect(s) entered the home by breaking a window while the owners were away on vacation. The suspect stole jewelry, cash and electronic items.
[NVSF: All posts tagged 'armed robbery']

June 29, 2009

Plastic-Free Farmer's Market

Malcolm Haar

Rumors have been floating around that the Noe Valley Farmer's Market is trying to eliminate plastic bags, joining the ranks of other markets that do the same. This weekend Cooks Boulevard's Malcolm Haar Tweeted a cool slidehow by Warbin K of people who already bring their own bags to the market.

It's not just the shoppers going green. Vendors leading the pack include reusable/redeemable yogurt crocks from Saint Benoît, paper bags and containers from Swanton Berry Farm, Far West Fungi and Bennett Valley Bread, biobags from Capay (even if they charge $0.25).

How 'bout you? Do you bring your own bags to the market or take what they give you? Do you plan your trips or just stop in on a whim? Would you still shop at the Farmer's Market if they didn't provide plastic bags?

[Warbin K: Flikr: Bring Your Own Bag]

Crime Beat

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.
June 26

Street Robbery -- 10:30pm. 600 block Noe St Officer Rueca and Officer Polovina responded to a report of a street robbery with a gun. Two victims stated that they had just finished dinner and were leaving when they were approached by two males. One suspect pointed a semiautomatic pistol in their faces and forced each of them to relinquish their purses. The suspects then fled on foot from the scene.

June 27

Burglary --11:04am. 300 block 30th St. Officer Creed prepared a report of a residential burglary. An unknown suspect(s) broke in through a window and stole $750 worth of shoes.

And in anticipation of this weekend's barrage celebration:
4th of July Update:
Throughout the week, I will list the following phone number in the newsletter: 415-378-5243. Sergeant Miller will have this cell phone and is ready to take your Ingleside District fireworks complaints!

Photo: The King Of Pop

Rory (and the rest of Noe Valley) mourns.

June 26, 2009

Crime Beat

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.
June 25, 2009

Robbery w/Gun -- 11:39pm. Noe St./Day St. Officers B. Ng and Rueca responded to a call of a robbery. The victim said he parked his vehicle and was walking to his house. The suspect approached the victim and told him to hand over his wallet. The victim gave the suspect his wallet. The suspect fled in a waiting vehicle.
Lt. Louis Cassanego took over the newsletter today and gave the following advice:
I would like to write about how you can aid in the capture of robbery suspects by just being vigilant in your neighborhoods. Most street robberies in the Ingleside District have a get away car involved. The victim hardly sees the car, because it is waiting around the corner from where the robbery occurred.

So, if you happen to see one or two subjects run around the corner to a waiting car and quickly jump in and then the car speeds off, you may have witnessed the tail end of a street robbery.

Try to remember the license plate, make, model, number of doors and the color of the car. I know that's a lot to ask, but the license plate is probably the most important item on the list. The description of the suspects is also helpful. You'll know something is amiss, when you see police cars suddenly saturating the area.

You can call the Non-Emergency number: (415)553-0123 with your information, or if you wish to be anonymous we have our "tip line": (415)587-8984.

June 25, 2009

More on La Boulange

Tablehopper reports that La Boulange will definitely open in the Noe Valley Pizza space, most likely this fall, and that in addition to an interior remodel "they are going to be putting some outdoor seating and benches on the sides of the corner building."

[TH: The Chatterbox: June 23, 2009]
[NVSF: La Boulange To Noe Valley?]

Update: Fruit Dudes

We did some research and answered some of the...uh...questions that came up in the discussion about fruit sellers on Noe Valley corners. Check out the comments on the original post to see what we found.

[NVSF: Late Night Musings: What's Up With The Fruit Guys?]

June 22, 2009

This Week At The Planning Commission

A weekly look at Noe Valley projects in front of the Planning Commission. Information is provided by the Planning Commission, and taken from its published agenda. All hearings begin at 1:30pm, Room 400 in City Hall.

June 25, 2009

4024 26th Street - Informational presentation on the status of the project.
Really? That's it? Granted the economy has taken its toll (it's been over two months since a Noe Valley project was heard by the Planning Commission), but this is all we got?

The major item on the agenda this week is the long-awaited certification of the final Environmental Impact Report for the San Francisco Bicycle Plan. Hundreds of people are expected to show up for public comment before the Planning Commission is expected to certify the EIR, adopt CEQA and then begin adopting amendments to the Plan. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's perspective is here. And here's a list of links on Google for stories about the guy who created the delay.

[NVSF: 4024 26th St, previously]
[Planning Commission: June 25, 2009]
[SFGov: 2009 San Francisco Bicycle Plan]
[SFBC: Citywide Bicycle Network]

June 20, 2009

Phoenix Books Rises Again

Still organizing, but Phoenix Books is open for business at 3957 24th St. Piles of books everywhere, but the new kids' reading room in the back is open and the stalls are out front.

[NVSF: Confirmed: Phoenix Books Is Moving]

June 19, 2009

Late Night Musings: What's Up With The Fruit Guys?

We've been saying for some time that the trend towards high alcohol wines isn't a good thing. Witness this query we received via email:
The Zin was good at dinner- Homemade adobo with Lolonis Zin from Drewes (a butcher selling wine? is that a problem?). I'm just curious. Why all the corner fruit selling and where does it come from? Strawberries at Sanchez and Church? Fruit cart vendors on 24th Street? 2 for a dollar mangoes at Skyline and Westgate in Daly City. What does it all mean?
Laughter aside at a bit of "drunk dialing" ... it's a good question. What's up with the fruit vendors on Noe Valley corners? Are the super-cheap flats of strawberries anywhere near as good as the berries from the farmer's market? Does the price trump freshness? Has anyone bought fruit from these guys – and why or why not?

June 18, 2009

On The Menu: Poached Sous Chef At Bistro 24

The Chronicle provides more info on Bistro 24:
Coppola opened City Grille in January after the space became available last year, figuring, he says, that "it could pretty much run itself." That turned out to be a mistake, he readily admits. "I was blinded," he says. "It was way too much to try to manage two places at once." Coppola closed City Grille after just three months and was getting ready to sell it when things took another turn. With Bistro 24, he's teamed up with Pierre Mange, opening sous chef at Contigo. Instead of City Grille's diner approach, Bistro 24 will serve, in Mange's words, "contemporary American comfort food with Mediterranean influences."
(Remember Coppola's plans for City Grille? "Classic American fare.")

Opening Date? Next Week.

As for Contigo, Brett Emerson has been posting ads for a sous chef and line cooks since mid-May. We try not to read too much into job descriptions, but experience has shown they're often written with a prior employee in mind. Just speculating, but it's a good bet Brett isn't too happy about this development.

[SFGate: Inside Scoop: Second Chances]
[NVSF: Announced: Bistro 24]

June 17, 2009

Reader Inquiry: Construction At Noe Courts

It all started with a simple question from reader BG:
Do you know what's going on at the 24th & Douglass kids' park? The internal perimeter now has construction easels woven together with "caution" tape. Is the city finally putting up the funds to add a protective banister (my understanding is that the funding wasn't there initially, so they had left this out).
We decided to try San Francisco's new SF311 Twitter service. Within hours they confirmed a fence will be built, but couldn't say when. They quickly referred us to Rec & Parks (415-831-2700), who in turn not-so-quickly referred us to Eric Andersen, Manager of Neighborhood Service Area 5 (PDF map). Mr Andersen referred us to Marvin Yee, who gave us the answer BG was looking for:
[Recreation and Parks Department] is waiting for a cost proposal to install a 3' high chainlink fence along the south and east border of the play area. When the playground was renovated in 2008, there was insufficient City funding to add this item. However, the City is interested in getting this item funded. The fund source and a construction schedule is not yet determined at this time. I should have more information in about 2 weeks. Please feel free to check back with me then. Thanks!
Mr Yee gave us permission to list him as a contact for more information on this project:

MARVIN YEE, Landscape Architect
Capital Improvement Division
Recreation and Park Department
30 Van Ness, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
tel: 415.581.2541
fax: 415.581.2540
e: marvin.yee@sfgov.org

[NVSF: SFGov's 311 Service Joins Twitter]

June 16, 2009

La Boulange To Noe Valley?

Sure looks like it. Eater SF has the scoop: "While the Bay Bread folks are mum on any specific location, saying nothing is confirmed quite yet, we couldn't help but notice this liquor license application for 3898 24th Street, which just happens to be the current home of Noe Valley Pizza Restaurant on the corner of Sanchez."

[ESF: Inevitabilities: La Boulange Goes to Noe Valley]

Crime Beat: Grifters

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.
Scam Alert! On Friday, May 30th, at 12:30 p.m., a 70 year old woman was approached on Church Street near Cesar Chavez by two individuals. A male in his 30's, 5'1 and claiming to be from El Salvador. This person was acting confused and worried because he could not find a lawyer's office. A woman, claiming to be of Puerto Rican descent, wearing sunglasses and a hat, 5'4" tall, walked up moments later and was the man's accomplice. While acting as though they had never met, they coerced the woman into making a series of decisions, ultimately defrauding, or "scamming" her of $10,000.00.

These individuals produced a lottery ticket with a purported value of one million dollars. Pleading for help in finding the attorney, they tricked the woman into providing them with half of the $20,000.00 deposit required to "claim the prize money." The individuals took the woman's money, put it in a Fed Ex envelope then switched it with an identical envelope containing cut-up newspaper. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS FOR THESE SCAMS!

June 15, 2009

Urban Chickens

Noe has a community garden, a Farm, ESB's brewpub and 2(!) apiaries/ beekeepers. Anyone out there know of any Noe Valley chickens?

Raising chickens for eggs (and pets) in San Francisco is legal:
Residents are allowed three of one kind of animal and a total of four animals. Legal pets include hares, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, gerbils, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, doves, pigeons, game birds of any species, as well as cats and dogs. According to the health code, donkeys, mules, cows and goats (all "even-toed hooved animals") require a permit, though senior health inspector Helen Zverina told me that pot bellied pigs and pygmy goats were also defined as pets. Contrary to common belief, roosters are not outlawed. But if there's a complaint, the city will take away the bird based on noise abatement.
If you're a chicken farmer in Noe, what are your hints/tips/tricks/trials/tribulations? Do you use an Eglu or something more traditional? Raccoons an issue? Where do you get your chicks? What do you feed them? Is it worth the hassle to raise them vs. the $7/dozen for farm fresh eggs at the Noe Valley Farmer's Market? Curious minds want to know.

Update: Bistro 24

In the event you missed it in the comments, Bistro 24 is confirmed as a new venture for Stefano Coppola: "Spoke to Stefano last night and he is indeed reopening himself, as a French bistro, and says he has an awesome chef ('you'll love') lined up already."

[NVSF: Announced: Bistro 24]

June 12, 2009

Confirmed: Phoenix Books Is Moving

Noe Knit has closed, and Phoenix Books is now advertising that they will move into 3957 24th St on June 16th. They're excited about the new space, and at least one of the employees is excited about getting away from a landlord who "isn't very nice".

Phoenix would like your help - if your back can take it and you have the time, head over on the 16th to carry boxes of books to the new location.

[NVSF: Tidbits: More Shuffling On 24th St]

Staying: Mabel Chong

We chatted with the folks at Mabel Chong yesterday and learned that they are staying put at 1311 Church St. The landlord had wanted to raise the rent, but apparently couldn't find a tenant willing to pay it. Mabel Chong will close its doors for a few days for a minor remodel and then reopen next week.

[NVSF: Tidbits, March 28, 2009]

It's Official: Mandelman Enters Supes Race

Lawyer and Board of Appeals Commissioner Rafael Mandelman filed papers with the San Francisco Department of Elections Wednesday, formally declaring his candidacy to replace sitting Supervisor Bevan Dufty in the 2010 race for District 8 Supervisor.
[FCJ: Mandelman First to Declare District 8 Candidacy]

June 10, 2009

Don't Make Me Come Back There: Recycle Or Else

The SF Supervisors approved Gavin Newsom's plan to fine businesses and residents that don't recycle and compost. The ordinance passed yesterday mandates sorting refuse into color-coded bins: trash (black), recycling (blue) and compost (green). Fines set to begin in 2011 are capped at $100 for residents and $500 for businesses, assuming they're collected at all. "'In any scenario there will be repeated notices and phone calls before we even start talking about fines,' said Jared Blumenfeld, head of the city's Department of the Environment. 'We don't want to fine people.'" Sure you don't.

We're supporters, but the fines are a bit over the top. If the City wants to get serious, how about placing recycling and compost collection bins alongside trash cans on the streets? Start in the tourist corridors to show the world how committed we are.

Not sure how to begin? Check out our handy guide to trash sorting here.

[SFGate: S.F. OKs toughest recycling law in U.S.]
[NVSF: Trash: Black, Blue or Green Bin?]
[Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images via Zimbio]

In The News: Just Awesome The Board Game Store

Reader Carol informed us that Noe Valley's Just Awesome was on Good Morning America today as part of a profile of micro-lending site (and San Francisco based) Kiva.org. Kiva links businesses with individuals willing to loan them as little as $25 to build their business. Just Awesome owners Erik Mantsch and Shane Allen are seeking a total of $7500 to repair their ceiling and add inventory. (As of this posting, they still need $4575.)

The pitch? "Shane works as a behavioral specialist for people with disabilities at a local non-profit while Erik is a veteran of the Iraq War with a background in sales. But they share a love of board games, and opened Just Awesome to provide the community with a family-friendly game store."

Want more? The video is here (can't embed), the accompanying article here and the kiva.org loan page is here.

[GMA Story: Loans to Change Your Life]
[GMA Video: Loans to Change Your Life]
[Kiva: Just Awesome]

June 9, 2009

Noeteca: Still Coming Soon

A little bit of renovation and a pending alcohol permit are the only hurdles left for Noeteca wine bar/cafe to open in the old Last Laugh coffee shop. The holdup? Grumpy neighbors.

Co-owners Scott McDonald and Alex Kamprasert (also of Chloe’s Café) report via Menupages that while most neighbors have been supportive, a few have complained to the city that the café was open and operating without permits, that they had live music, that they had a full kitchen instead of a café… your basic nightmare. "Every time a complaint comes in, we have to get it addressed by all the different agencies, and sometimes people are on vacation and it's just hard to schedule," McDonald said. "It took us contacting the office of Bevan Dufty to help us clear away some of that."

Originally slated for April 1, the new planned opening is July 1.

1551 Dolores St (@ Valley St)

[MP: Noeteca Nears the Valley]
[NVSF: Update: Noeteca]
[NVSF: Announced: Noeteca]

June 8, 2009

Announced: Bistro 24

Yet another restaurant is to open at 4123 24th St: Bistro 24. So far there's just a sign in the window that says "Coming Soon: Bistro 24." No building permits have been filed. The domain name bistro24sf.com is currently parked on godaddy.com. And the beer and wine license is still held by the previous tenant, Stefano Coppola of Lupa.

Just speculating, but all this looks like how Mr Coppola opened the last business here. Could it be that City Grill is no longer for sale?

[NVSF: Another Noe Valley Restaurant/Cafe For Sale]
[NVSF: Opening: City Grill]

Update: Shuttle Study

General consensus: Noe Valley is for NIMBYs. The Examiner reported on last Thursday's Upper Noe Neighbors meeting without managing to get quotes from "the other side" so well represented in our comments sections. While much of the discussion here has revolved around employee shuttles to Silicon Valley, the Examiner missed the point that this study is looking at all shuttle use in San Francisco--Noe Valley is just a small (albeit vocal) focus of the study. (More about the Strategic Analysis Report in this post and this PDF.)

So what's next? "Findings from the report will be released in July and could include charging fees for shuttles to enter The City, possible route changes and the creation of special zones for the vehicles, according to Margaret Cortes, a senior transportation planner."

If you went to last Thursday's meeting, please leave your impressions in the comments.

[SFE: Give me some space! Shuttles clog Noe streets]
[NVSF: Meeting: Upper Noe Neighbors]
[NVSF: Shuttle Buses: Useful or Menace?]
[SFCTA: Shuttle SAR]

June 7, 2009

NVV: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are highlights from the latest issue. Links are to stories we've covered at NVSF.

June 2009
  • Front page: Noe Valley is for sale - lots of homes and rentals on market. 68 homes listed for sale in April, which is about double last year. "Bargains" are still over $1M. Rental rates are down about 10% from last year.
  • Op-Ed: Misha Weidman, RE broker and attorney, says Noe Valley is no longer immune from the housing slump. Good news: Noe is off only 13% from last year.
  • Letters: People are still outraged about arbitrary parking enforcement (4 letters); Someone wants you to send stimulus money to On Lok on 30th St; Thanks given to Noe Valley Auto Works for taking care of a recently laid-off client's car.
  • Photo: 7 people waiting for train confirms that J Church is still the worst.
  • Short Takes: FUF planting Saturday July 11 in Noe Valley; Celebrate the Solstice at Noe Valley Ministries; Got a problem with services at City parks? Parkscan.org will now route all calls to 311 [Ed.--better than calling: check them out on Twitter]; Noe Valley Quest Fest will celebrate winners on June 17th at Upper Noe Rec Center from 5:30-7:30PM, drawing at 6:15--more deets at noevalleyquest.com.
  • Crime: Only covers first half of May, so no mention of armed robberies on Church near 26th (be careful out there); And...the Peace Blotter is back. [Ed.--If you're a crime watching sort of person, we've posted instructions for subscribing to regular updates here.]
  • Rumors: Bevan Dufty considering run for Mayor [Ed.--can Noe get a pink cloud too?]; Dufty also denies he's endorsing anyone running to replace him; 28.6% of Noe Valleyans voted on May 19; Rumor becomes fact when checking police reports - many vehicle break-ins lately; Empty storefronts: AAA space for $12k/month, Riki landlord looking for retail (not food), Streetlight rent reduced to $8k/month, Simply Chic asking $4k/month, Wells Fargo's old ATM closet wants $4k/month, Successories opening, Noe Knit closing, Phoenix moving in; last month's Store Trek feature Arara changing name and moving to 1513 Church (NV Buzz); She-Bible opening; Noe full of babies; Also: "you can put a lock on a rumor" that Locksmith Central is moving--they changed their mind.
  • Traveling Voice: Noe residents carried the voice to such far off places as...nowhere. The NVV is on staycation.
[The Noe Valley Voice]

June 5, 2009

SFGov's 311 Service Joins Twitter

San Francisco's 311 service is now using the internet real-time. Is there a Noe Valley pothole you're tired of? Broken sprinkler in Dolores Park? Want a new freeway through the City? "Customer Service Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist you. 311 can help with: street cleaning graffiti removal, pothole and sidewalk defects, abandoned vehicles, city garbage can maintenance, department information ... and much more!" After you submit a request "You will receive a Direct Message from 311 with either your Service Request number, the answer to your question, or a request for more information from us." Posting to @SF311 isn't the best way to get an answer, however: "For faster service, please us a DM as only DM's are monitored real time."

Response time seems to be quick, and the requests are all over the map. If nothing else, it's fascinating to read what people in San Francisco are concerned about.

[Twitter: SF311]
[SFGov: 311 Twitter FAQ]

June 2, 2009

$450,000 Buys A Lot of House .... But Not in Noe

The NY Times featured a Noe Valley flat for sale today as an example of what you don't get when you spend $449,000. In Shelburne Falls, Mass. or Richmond, Kentucky that price will net you a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house or larger. In Noe you get this lower-unit apartment on Clipper:
WHAT: A one-bedroom, one-bath apartment
HOW MUCH: $449,000
SETTING: This apartment is on the lower level of a two-unit corner building in Noe Valley, a centrally located neighborhood in San Francisco. During the beginnings of the dot-com boom in the 1970s, densely packed row houses, originally built for working-class families in the early 20th century, became popular with young families. This building was built in 1921, but the unit was added in the 1950s. Two blocks north is 24th Street, a thoroughfare lined with coffee and pastry shops, bookstores, a diversity of eateries, and boutiques catering to young professionals and their kids. There’s a light-rail stop within a mile of the house.
COMMON SPACES: The kitchen is eat-in and there are hardwood floors throughout.
PERSONAL SPACES: The bedroom has built-in closets and cabinetry.
OUTDOOR SPACE: The unit shares a large yard with the rest of the building. A city park with a basketball and tennis court is across the street.
TAXES: $5,208 (estimated)
We're not even going to touch the comment about the 1970s dot-com boom (um, fact-check?). But we'd rather live here than either of those places - even in a one bedroom at 595 Clipper.

[NYT: What You Get for... $465,000]

1280 Church St: Sale Pending (Finally)

On the market for nearly a year, 1280 Church St now has a "sale pending" sign out front. No word on the selling price or if a Smart car was included in the deal.

[NVSF: Free Smart Car with Purchase of TIC]

Tidbits: More Shuffling On 24th St

We received a tip that Noe Knit will close on June 9th. Slow sales a sign of the times or is knitting once again uncool? Phoenix Books is rumored to be moving into the space at 3957 24th St. No word on what will move into the Phoenix spot. Ideas?

Also moving is Successories. Pamela Winston-Charbonneau is moving her custom jewelry shop out of the back of Lisa Violetto and into the recently-vacated space at 3904 24th St (formerly The Jewelry Box).

Madkat: Gutted. That answers that.

[NVSF: Opening: The Jewelry Box]
[NVSF: MadKat Closed?]

June 1, 2009

Meeting: Upper Noe Neighbors

[The Upper Noe Neighbors] will be having a follow-up meeting about the San Francisco shuttle study on Thursday, June 4th. There will be an update from the SF County Transportation Authority on progress made since our last meeting. Also on hand will be a panel of employers from Google, Genentech and more whose companies contract the shuttles. These employer reps will be there to address questions from neighbors and provide information about their shuttle services. Obviously, this meeting is a must for those who use or are affected by the shuttles in Noe Valley.
Who isn't likely to be there? Representatives from the bus companies. So while Google, Apple, Genentech, etc, can laud the good they're doing, no one accountable for large buses speeding, ignoring weight limits or idling while waiting in front of residences and businesses will hear your concerns. Hopefully word gets back to them...

What: Upper Noe Neighbors Monthly Meeting
When: Thursday, June 4, 7:30PM
Where: Upper Noe Rec Center, 295 Day St.

[NVSF: Shuttle Buses: Useful or Menace?]