November 12, 2008

Noe Valley, SF: Who Are We?

We've received some emails asking us who we are, and when this comment popped up today we decided to address it directly in a post of it's own:
Are you editors here anonymous? I don't see your names or contact information, but maybe I'm missing it? I'm hoping there's no anonymity, especially given the mission statement here about knowing your neighbors. And can you please explain the stream of advertisements on the right hand column of the blog? Why are they there? Are you editors being paid to have those there?

Simply put: yes, we are anonymous. We are not journalists, but rather residents of Noe Valley who care about keeping the neighborhood informed. At this time we feel that we can write about news in the neighborhood better if we blend in.

Yes, those are ads. Please click on them if you like what you see here (we don't receive any revenue unless readers click the ads).

We hope that reading this blog helps you learn more about your neighborhood and neighbors even if you don't know the names of the writers. And we welcome your suggestions for future content. If you'd like to contact us directly our email address is on the left side of the screen.

Noe Valley, SF

[NVSF: Mission Statement]


Anonymous said...

Clearly you are the Noe Valley Voice people, despite your references to them in the 3rd person.

I don't mind the anonymity.

Noe Valley, SF said...

No relation to the Voice at all.


Steven Fama said...

Thanks for answering my questions.

I ain't impressed. Anonymous is contrary to your mission statement. Anonymous is unaccountable.

And yep this I do believe is still a free country but your commercialization of -- potential profiteering from -- the neighborhood "feel-good" thing you're putting out really rubs me the wrong way, given your anonymity. The Voice has ads, but has identifiable people too. There's at least accountability to individuals there.

I ain't interested in contacting you directly, because you refuse to say who you are. That's inhuman, if a dialogue -- an open honest discussion -- is the aim. Y

Anonymous said...

I encourage one of you (if there's more than one) "editors" to move into the light and identify yourself. It would add substance and credibility to your information. People who care about the neighborhood usually aren't so shy.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I don't mind the anonymity since all of your info always seems very accurate and informed (verified by reading other blog and websites about the area). Thanks for putting so much time and effort to keeping us notified about the happenings in our neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the other comments about becoming more identifiable. it would add credibility to your site..and yes, I also feel that you are part of the Noe Valley Voice. similar, small townish feel, all that feel good stuff..nothing critical, just sweet, nothing of far.

you should become more a voice of the community, rather than just making money off those crappy ads.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this blog. I don't need to know who is taking the time and effort to produce it. The effort is much appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I never thought the blogger was any part of the Noe Valley Voice.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you're doing, how you're doing it. It's your blog. Not anyone elses. Some blogging is journalism, some isn't. Neighborhood bulletin boards don't need sources.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to create this blog. No need to identify yourself specifically on the internet. Too many potential risks nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think putting the effort into keeping a largely anonymous audience informed about their neighborhood justifies a little ad income. I like my online anonymity, so it certainly doesn't bother me.
I've found out a lot of things I was wondering about locally by reading this blog, so it's nice of you to keep us less chatty types informed. I never bother reading through the NVV, but these short entries are just my style.

adam said...

How can you live with the hypocrisy of representing particular points of view and advocating a "neighbourly" feeling, promoting community, etc., while remaining anonymous?


Anonymous said...

This Noe Valley resident is fine with your anonymity. It isn't as if you are representing yourselves as an official body. I would suggest that people who want an online neighborhood with names &tc start a blog or bulletin board of their own.

Anonymous said...

I think not lending your name to the site is a shame. It doesn't enhance the credibility of your site and does not seem to fall in line with your mission. As a Noe Valley resident, I would like to know who is putting this information out there to the Bay Area.

Mic said...

To the anonymous blogger(s) who has/have taken the time to pass along NV gossip:

As a rule, I don't read blogs that aren't associated with trained copy editors. As an old-school editor, it hurts my brain to ignore sloppy copy. However, NVSF is often informative enough to make an exception.

That said, I do object to your use of the word "editors". You're writers, and as such, deserve your own bylines. Since you read the Voice so others don't have to, you're familiar with the blogger(s) Mazook. Maybe you should use the handle Koozam, since you're the opposite of everything the Voice represents.

You can call yourselves Noel and Val for all I care, just provide IDs so that readers can distinguish your opinions. Fyi, my name is Mic and you are....?

noevalleygal said...

I find it rather amusing that many of the people challenging the editors' decision to remain anonymous post their own comments anonymously. I'm enjoying trying to figure out who you are...what a fun mystery to solve! Thanks for all the great news and such. Sorry I won't be clicking on any of your ads... I have adblocker on my browser.

Brooke W. said...

Remaining anonymous is pretty cowardly. There's too much anonymity online. People who publish should own their words, unless there's a safety issue. There's nothing so controversial about this blog that anonymity is needed. I think the writers just want to avoid personal scrutiny about their work, which just comes with the territory. It's tough being a public voice, but if you put out information you have a responsibility to be accountable for it.

Godot said...

Maybe they're a dog.

Ruff Ruff said...

I agree with Brooke! Isn't it time you come out from behind the curtain?