November 11, 2008

Contigo: Upside Down, Backwards & Hopeful

Brett Emerson reports that there have been a few snags since he last updated In Praise of Sardines last month. Fridge units, plumbing and HVAC were installed/configured incorrectly and Contigo needs surgery to fix them.

Can he fix it? Yes he can. But it looks like Noe Valley will have to wait a couple more months for Contigo. If you'd like to share in Brett's day-to-day trials check out his Twitter feed.

Update 11/13: Contigo passed all inspections today. Wow! Stay tuned.

[IPOS: Behind the paper: upside down and backwards]
[NVSF: Contigo: "Coming Soon"]


Steven Fama said...

Are you editors here anonymous?

I don't see your names or contact information, but maybe I'm missing it?

I'm hoping there's no anonymity, especially given the mission statement here about knowing your neighbors.

And can you please explain the stream of advertisements on the right hand column of the blog? Why are they there? Are you editors being paid to have those there?