November 17, 2008

Blight: Real Foods

A group we're going to call Evil Vitamins (since they don't self-identify, and regardless of the familiar artwork) has posted this flyer all over Noe Valley calling for action regarding the old Real Foods location at 3939 24th St:

5 Years Later - Real Foods is Still Empty!

After 5 years, it's time for the nighborhood to take back the Real Foods space!

Nutraceutical, the owner of Real Foods is not a good neighbor. Here's why:
  • Lost 2 lawsuits for illegal labor practices
  • Refused to meet with neighborhood groups
  • Loss of large store hurts entire neighborhood
Here's how you can help:
  1. Sign up for our mailing list (send email to
  2. Volunteer to help (1-2 hours max)
  3. Boycott Nutraceutical Vitamins (Solaray, Veglife)

We agree - Nutraceutical has not been a good neighbor. That space has been empty for too long. They should give up their lease, and then Whole Foods should open a Wine, Cheese and Specialty Foods Annex to complement the store opening next fall across the street in the Bell Market space.

Have at it Noe Valley - make your voice heard. How do you think this space should be used?

[NVSF: NVV: We Read It So You Don't Have To]


Anonymous said...

There's already a wine/cheese/specialty foods store at the 24th street cheese store. But I agree that this vacant store is a blight and I'm incensed when I really think about it. I don't understand why this can't be pursued at the City gov't level.

Anonymous said...

Seafood. I would love a good fish monger in the neighborhood. Or a NY-style deli, with chopped liver and 10 different kinds of smoked salmon. Think Zabar's.

Anonymous said...

a gym! real foods has a huge space, and would be perfect for a real gym, unlike fitlite or purely physical fitness which are too tiny for a real workout or classes.

murphstahoe said...

The issue I see with making the Real Foods location an adjunct to the Whole Foods store across the street is people trying to go from one store to the other. Whole Foods is already going to create a pretty gnarly traffic mess on 24th and a mid block crosswalk would just amplify it.

If only Whole Foods could accurately identify people who walk, bike, or take transit to their store and offer 5% off your bill. Sadly it would be abused to no end.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a gym, a decent clothing store, a place that actually sells frozen yogurt, a restaurant that delivers in Noe Valley, a bar that doesn't have sports playing in the background......

Anonymous said...

Here's how to screen out bikers/walkers, etc...charge for parking. It has also been suggested to Whole Foods that they provide a shuttle for the elderly, etc, although the bus is easily accessible as well. For Real Foods, I think the only way that hasn't been tried is to find out if the building is a danger to the public...i.e., how secure are the windows? the roof is leaking and the windows seemed loose to someone applying decor to them. Perhaps that could be used to nudge the unresponsive owner and give the city some ammo to go after them. The problem is that the city cannot get a response from the company and has no leverage to force them to respond.

Anonymous said...

I tried to suggest that Whole Foods take over the building and use it for more space; but they don't own buildings, so they would not buy the building. I'll keep bringing it up to them as an option in case there is some interest by different representatives to have an expansion.

Anonymous said...

Regarding frozen yogurt, the new owners of Belgano are trying to get through permitting to put in the machines. But the city is holding it up. They could use community support. Gwen

Gwenny said...

Updates on the idea of Whole Foods taking over the Real Foods space...When I first brought this up to Whole Foods representatives, they said, "No, we don't own buildings." At a new meeting, a different rep mentioned that the thought has been being considered; but that the building and it's owners are tied up in too much red tape and Whole Foods cannot get near it. That's a whole different ball game. There must be some compromises that could be made to let Neutracueticals off enough hooks to get the building from them and be rid of them. Gwen

Anonymous said...

A GYM!!! We NEED a bigger gym.

dollarbin said...

Bring back Star Magic! We need new age music and dehydrated astronaut ice cream.