November 20, 2008

Crime Beat: Grifters

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.

Every now and then we see things on the police newsletters that leave us speechless:
November 18

A 69 year old Sunnyside woman was approached outside a church by another woman who showed her a lottery ticket and explained that she could not cash it because of her citizenship. A man joined the women and made a phone call to another person who explained to the first woman that anyone could redeem the prize ($265,000) if they produced the ticket with $50,000 because the lottery was overseas. The pair accompanied the Sunnyside woman to her bank where she took $50,000 from her account. The pair then distracted the woman and absconded with her money.
Contrast that to the only Noe Valley report in this edition:
200 block of Duncan St. Theft: residential parking permit taken from car (occurred in October)