September 21, 2008

Kookez: Back on the Menu

Contrary to what was reported here and elsewhere, Kookez remains open for brunch. Which means? We shouldn't have relied on the Voice and Tablehopper shouldn't have relied on Yelp. The owner of Kookez left this comment:
We are not yet closed. We closed for a week in August for our yearly vacation, and apparently every blogger in the city decided to blog we were closed, without calling to confirm. So, until you hear it directly from us, we are still open for business. Fri-Sun 9am - 2pm.
One blogger did get it right - Eater figured it out a month ago.

Something important to note, though:


Shy said...

The blogger that got it right was actually my husband. He was rambling through Eater SF and noticed that they had us closed while we were on vacation, he emailed Paulo and he graciously retracted the comment that we were closed. Thanks for updating this for us, we appreciate it.

Shy said...

Oh yeah, also in the September 6th issue of Tablehopper, Marcia had her person that does her blog for her also retracted her original post. It's buried way down at the bottom, but it's there :) Her person was on vacation by the time I was able to catch this error (while we were on vacation) and was unable to fix it before the following weeks blog! Again thank you so much for correcting this for us, it's greatly appreciated!!