September 15, 2008

Cable Blight

We're perplexed. Do cable installers have any pride? Do they feel good about the mess they've left on this (and other) buildings? We decided to find out what it takes to work for Astound, Comcast, et al.

We've been reviewing job postings for cable installers and they all list the following qualifications:
  • At least 21 years of age
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Valid Driver’s License and good driving record
  • Pass a pre-employment drug screening and background check
  • Steady Work History
  • Maximum body weight can not exceed 280 pounds in order to comply with safety limitations of equipment
What we don't see in the list is any sort of license or certification other than a driver's license. Just for fun... let's look at what AT&T requires of their installers. They list all of the above plus the following:
  • Qualify on pre-employment screening:
    • Technical/Mechanical Test - Field II (TMT-F II)
    • Basic Computer Skills Test (BCST)
    • Customer Service Assessment - Field (CSA-F)
So why is it that cable installers don't need to pass any tests? Turns out there's no code on the books to enforce, so there's no need to certify anyone. Which ... doesn't make sense. (Especially taken in the context of a planning code that seems to require bay windows on every building project.) They come out, connect some (new) wires and drill some holes. It's like litter on the side of a building.

Undergrounding can't come soon enough...


Anonymous said...

After switching to RCN/Astound years ago, we are left with 3 unused wires (2 for PacBell, 1 for Comcast) that I would love to get rid of. It would reduce the wire clutter from the pole to the house by 50%.

I guess I should call those companies and find out how to get wires taken down from the pole.