September 21, 2008

Noe Valley Cafe For Sale ... Which One?

The listing reads: "Charming Cafe In Noe Valley: approximately 1,300 Square Feet (1,000 Ground Floor, 300 Basement); Loyal Customer Base; Class 1 And Class 2 Hoods; Attractive Lease And Term; Outdoor Seating; Beautiful Corner Location."

So which cafe is it? The "corner location" and "outdoor seating" narrows it to Cafe Ponte, Chloe's Cafe, or Toast (Church St). That is... assuming Noe Valley is District 5C (not any of the other interpretations we've posted about). And the hood? Class 1: grease laden air; class 2: vapor.

Given that, our money is on Chloe's. But who knows? Send us your guesses or leave a comment.


Adam Winer said...

24th Street Cafe is also at a corner (24th & Vicksburg) and has a few outdoor tables.

Shy said...

I don't think that it's Chloe's because Chloe's is no where near 1000 sq ft inside. My old apartment was 900 sq ft and was 3x the size of Chloe's. It could also be Le Zinc, while it's technically not on a corner of a street, it is on a corner due to the parking lot next door, and it does fit the size issue, as well as the outdoor seating.