September 12, 2008

Belgano: Grand Re-Opening

Belgano's went on the market last summer and a new owner has taken over. Reviews on Yelp aren't particularly good, either. But that's Yelp. If their info is correct, they're no longer selling Leonida's chocolate (switched to Joseph Schmidt) and prices have gone up. But come on ... transition can be rough for a business.

Let's see what comes after the grand re-opening after closing from September 15 to October 10:

When: Saturday Oct 11
Where: 3901 24th St / Sanchez
Pitch: " what refreshing new embellishments have been added, including delicious surprises. Trust us, this reveal is too tasty to miss."

Update (9/15): With a better eye for overall food trends across the City, Eater SF may have broken the code: "that Pinkberry-esque fruit logo sure looks familiar." Enter Tuttimelon:

Image: Eater SF

Looks like Froyo is heading our way.


Anonymous said...

Great news for my mouth- not so great for my waistline!

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty much confirmed