September 6, 2008

Upper Noe Valley Rec Center ... Finally!

After a year of delays and hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget, the Upper Noe Valley Rec Center finally reopened today.  Hundreds of people were on hand to enjoy music, food, performances and play time. Of course... there was also a speech: 

Mark Leno and Bevan Dufty leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Playground was packed with kids and parents. 

And the shiny new basketball court was kept pristine until the first game that began at 1pm:

Festivities kicked off with the ubiquitous Aztec Dancers. Unfortunately, they were in the small theater and we had to leave due to the noise. Oddly, they were followed by a Tai Chi Chuan demonstration, but we were too addled from the drums to check it out. It was much calmer outside, where Charity and the JAMband were entertaining families in the hot sun. Other activities outside included a T-ball game on the new field and hula hoop lessons. Most people seemed happy just to be outside enjoying a beautiful day. 

Friends of the Noe Valley Rec Center have played a huge roll in securing funding, and continue to take donations. Check out their site for more info on how you can help. 

The park buildings will be open and staffed Monday 9am-6pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-10pm, Saturday 9am-6pm and closed on Sunday. The park gates and bathrooms will be open every day from sunrise to sunset.