September 27, 2008

Update: "High End Vietnamese Fusion"

The old barbershop at 1298 Church St is slowly transforming into "high end Vietnamese fusion." Word on the street is that its owned by the same people as Regent Thai, a Noe Valley hot spot, so it should prove exciting. We spoke to the contractor today and he said it should be open "by the end of the year." Possible, but the inside is still bare studs and no one has pulled an electrical permit. Neither have the owners filed for an alcohol permit (the Conditional Use permit as a full-service restaurant was approved March 13, 2008).

There has been considerable progress, though. The exterior is nearly buttoned up (complete with paint swatches), and the interior framing looks completed. The plumbing also looks complete. Also, last week they took a delivery of sheetrock (presumably for the upstairs unit).

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Anonymous said...

we wish the kept the recovered sign--it was pretty cool. any idea what happened to it?

Noe Valley, SF said...


We walked past that sign as it was appearing and we were confused - it looked like they were stenciling it at the time. They were at least re-painting. We didn't stop to ask the history, but it seemed as much a marketing ploy as anything. Of course, it's entirely possible that the workers were just sprucing up old paint. Dunno.

Best guess: they didn't take it down for preservation. We walk by there almost every day and never saw work like that. New siding likely went over it what was left of it after cutting out the window opening.

All that to say..... No idea. :)