September 26, 2008

The Church St Apothecary to Reopen

As reported in the Noe Valley Voice and summarized here, The Church St Apothecary closed last month because of a name dispute with the CA Board of Pharmacy. But yesterday news came of a change in plans. The Poop interviewed Owner Kati Kim who loves the neighborhood so much she's decided to change the name and reopen:
I was gonna sell it. And I got nearly a dozen people interested in purchasing! Then the rec center on 30th and Day re-opened and so many families came out to celebrate and enjoy the new park. And I was reminded why I chose the location in the first place. Plus, we have such a great client base already. And our neighbors really like supporting small businesses. And running the business in the neighborhood is a great source of joy.
As to when it will open? "Kim hopes to re-open soon under a new name and with a bigger focus on clothes for kids and adults."

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