September 11, 2008

Contigo: Shaping Up

Seating at Contigo

We've been reading Brett Emerson's account of his dream to open a restaurant and we're eagerly awaiting it's 2007 Spring 2008 Summer 2008 "Indian summer? Maybe. Autumn definitely" opening.

Today Brett posted new interior shots of the seating and bar, and explains that the wood was "salvaged from an old barn in Connecticut." Definitely cool, and the re-use of good oak has to offset the fuel costs. The end result looks great. We'll be reserving space on those benches - hopefully soon.

UPDATE: Poked our head in on Friday evening (9/12) to say hi but no one was around (likely cleaning up out back). Took this shot from the doorway:

Hard to believe that this was a computer store.

[In Praise of Sardines]