September 23, 2008

Dumping: Why Here?

What is it about the corner of Noe and 26th that attracts so much trash? Here's a picture of an old TV and a car battery, as well as old paint stains from a previous dumping. The trash can on the left is usually overflowing, and the shelter glass is broken on a regular basis. Can't place all the blame on the James Lick kids waiting for a bus as they probably don't carry a car battery to school.

The City of San Francisco has made it easy to get rid of this stuff, and most items cost nothing to dispose of. But since the people leaving junk on corners probably aren't reading this, here's how you can get it cleaned up: Dial 311 and report illegal dumping. Extra credit if you can provide a license plate of the offender.

[SF Recycling]
[SF 311 - 24x7 Customer Service Center]