September 16, 2008

Fun With Maps: Where is Noe Valley?

SF MLS District 5CDefining the borders of Noe Valley can be difficult, if not futile. Because of this we've decided to use the realtor map that defines District 5C. On our recent walk around the perimeter we were joking about "Noe" and "Not Noe" when looking at houses on the same street, and other times we felt like we were in entirely different neighborhoods. Take, for example, Diamond Heights Blvd: technically Noe Valley, but 24th St is not convenient for services. This map may be arbitrary, but it's what we'll use to define Noe Valley.

Here are some other maps that serve our neighborhood, with District 5C highlighted on each map.

Supervisor District 8
Supervisor District 8.

Zip Code Map
Zip Code Map

SFPD Mission Station
SFPD Mission Station

SFPD Ingleside Station


Anonymous said...

Your first (blue) map incorrectly labels Eureka St as Douglas. Douglas is actually one (short) block further west.

Nails Doverspike said...

and Douglass has two s' in it.