September 17, 2008

Less MUNI on the J-Church Line = Quiet is reporting that MUNI is (finally) opening a new maintenance and storage yard this weekend out on 25th St and Illinois.

So what, you ask? "By early next year, officials plan to keep 80 light-rail vehicles at the new yard, known as Muni Metro East, and 71 at the Green yard at San Jose and Geneva avenues in Balboa Park." In other words, that's a lot of trains that won't be moving up and down Church St in the dark hours. MUNI says something about improved service on all lines, too, but we'll wait to see if that works out.

What do you think: is the quiet worth not having a train show up every 2 minutes in the morning?


Anonymous said...

What times currently have heavy train traffic that would be abated?

Noe Valley, SF said...

The SFMTA doesn't publish that info on their site, but the Voice has been tracking noise issues for years. This is from a 2006 article:

"It isn't just the J-Church trains causing the noise. It seems the Church Street line is the fastest route back to the car barn for other Muni lines, including the N and F. "At 1:45 a.m., all the trains go past my house, and at 6:45 a.m. they come by again," says Hampton..."

With the opening of the new car barn on the 3rd St line, there should be no need to bring the F, N and occasional M down Church every night. Of course, that means the regular J schedule is all you get in the morning, too - no more jumping on any train that shows up.