May 19, 2009

Open House Report: 465 Hoffman

It's too late to make the free lunch at today's open house at 465 Hoffman, but @kellyswervegirl sent this report from today's open house: "It's 12:45 pm and I just walked through the place. Stunning, ultra modern inside. Light is just lovely throughout. Yard is concrete & beach sand. Of all bizarre and random finishings to be missing, none of the bathrooms have toilet roll holders. Lots of agents there so far and presumably potential buyers on their way."

We're going to go ahead and guess that "presumably" = "hopefully people will still spend $4M to live in Noe Valley." Thanks for the report, Kelly!

[465 Hoffman - $3.9M]
[NVSF: Hot Properties: The $5M Club]


Anonymous said...

Who cares???? Are you really a real estate blog???