May 22, 2009

Friends Of The Urban Forest Noe Valley Tree Planting

Friends Of The Urban Forest is sponsoring a tree planting day in Noe Valley on July 11. Want a tree in front of your house or business? "It’s easy! All you have to do is send in your application forms, attend the community meeting, select your species – and get ready to water your new tree!" Note that there are TWO applications to fill out: Friends of the Urban Forest Letter of Agreement and the DPW Tree Planting Application.

What: Community meeting
When: Wednesday, June 3rd, 6:30PM
Where: Noe Valley Library, 451 Jersey St.
Why: "Trees engage & strengthen neighborhood relations" and "trees increase property value & attract customers to business."

Tree planting: July 11

For more information, contact or call FUF at 561-6890 x110.

[FUF: Application Forms]
[Google Maps: Planting Area]
[NVSF:Street Trees: Green Your Sidewalk!]


Nelson said...

Are they going to plant more trees that don't fit the climate and block the sidewalk passage? I love having trees on my streets, don't get me wrong, but the Urban Forest folks don't seem to do a very good job about it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

FUF follows city and ADA requirements when planting street trees. FUF works with homeowners to let them pick what type of tree they would like to plant but considers every space individually. why dont you come out and participate in the planting to see how it is done first hand? it is a very fun morning!