May 25, 2009

Duh: Noe Valley Is Full Of Babies

It’s not your imagination: San Francisco (and especially Noe Valley) is in the midst of a baby boom, says an article today in the The San Jose Merc:
Births in the 94114 Zip code, which includes Noe Valley and the Castro, the historical center for San Francisco gay life, were about 50 percent higher in 2007 than in the mid-1990s.

Urban enclaves like Noe Valley and the Castro may sound like unlikely places for a baby boom. But they are at the vanguard of a national urban trend that, according to U.S. Census estimates, has given San Francisco its biggest brood of young children since the early 1970s.
Credit goes to creative types...:
The city has seen an influx of highly educated professionals, a "creative class," Adams said. "Like Seattle and San Francisco and the Bay Area, they care a lot about the sustainability and quality of life. That has attracted a lot of the younger, creative types who now are of childbearing age."
...and the Google bus(!):
With private commuter buses from Google and other Silicon Valley companies cruising Noe Valley to pick up tech workers each morning, Yenne says the tradition of working in a city and raising kids in the suburbs has flipped for some.
[SJM: San Francisco Sees Baby Boom]


Real Estate Raj said...

No doubt!

Some of the SF neighborhoods are reverting back to the feel and sense of neighborhood that existed in the 50's and 60's. More neighborhood oriented, stronger neighborhood businesses and sense of community.

Noe Valley is one of those areas where the neighborhood is returning to a family-based community.

murphstahoe said...

Until of course those babies turn 5 years old and they are assigned to a public school somewhere in outer Tadzhikistan, and their playmate next door is assigned to one in Upper Volta. Then those that can convince St Peter or Paul to take in their kid (and can afford to pay) will stay, the rest will put their belongings onto the Google Bus and move to Mountain View.

And for those wishing that these folks move - they will be replaced by the same family 5 years younger.

Yes, I am facing that dilemma currently. Sigh.