May 1, 2009

Noe Valley Quest

It's May, and that must mean it's time for...Noe Valley Quest -- a business-sponsored scavenger hunt/trivia game sort of thing. The contest runs all month, with prizes valued $50-$250 to be awarded at the end of June. Check out the official rules on the website, in the upcoming Noe Valley Voice or at sponsor locations. The official game piece is downloadable here [PDF]

Some sample questions:
  • A trapezoid is inside an octagon inside the playround inside _____ Park.
  • It is the sum of where the Noe meets the Valley: a. 2850 b. 2300 c. 1950
  • Once a local quarry, now a park, you'll find a mosaic that faces the rising sun. Tabulate the corners to total: a. 17 b.28 c. 9

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[Official Site: Noe Valley Quest]