May 19, 2009

7x7 Sends A Love Letter To Noe Valley

7x7’s May 2009 issue features Noe Valley in the Neighborhoods section. We’re happy to see they ventured beyond 24th St (not to mention south of Symphony Hall). Huzzah! Among the highlights:

Toast (3991 24th St.): “All-day brekkie treats…”
Bespoke (4100 24th St.): “The real specialty…is the custom ride.”
Contigo (1320 Castro St.): “…artisanal hams and Catalan flatbreads…”
Noe Valley Recreation Center (295 Day St.): “…the swankiest park in the city.”
Successories (3932 24th St. – in back of Lisa Violetto): “…one-of-a-kind rings and pendants…”
Clay Oven (1689 Church St.): “…less slumdog, more millionaire.” [Ed.--Did they really say that?]
Mobu (1605 Church St.): “…ballet to yoga to bellydance.”

7x7 also mentions the upcoming Whole Foods, and claims no fewer than five new restaurants have sprouted in our 'hood. We count Contigo, City Grill, Basso (Yelp), the soon-to-open Noeteca… and anyone know what the other might be?

Bonus: No mention of cheap nails/waxing salons.

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[7x7: 7x7 Wants Your Love Letters to Noe Valley]