May 1, 2009

24-Divisadero Forges New Route

With the MTA planning to raise Muni fares from $1.50 to $2.00 and eliminate routes in July, we thought it time to post this contribution from reader Alexis:
Two Saturday nights ago, I checked out "San Francisco" at the Castro. We hopped on the 24-Divisadero to come back over the hill to Noe and 29th. We're heading south on Castro, took the left onto 26th, then instead of a right onto Noe, the bus went STRAIGHT as if to continue east on 26th Street! The bus stopped suddenly and we decided to just hoof it up the hill to avoid the drama that would surely ensue.

From the outside of the bus, we noticed that the rod was actually broken (not the usual popped-off-the-wire routine). I had to snap a shot with my camera (hence the fuzziness) looking north on Noe from Cesar Chavez so the rest of my family would believe me; I started taking the 24 in the sixth grade and have never seen such a thing!
No word on if actual route changes will affect Noe Valley.

[SFGate: Muni plans to raise fares 50 cents in July]


Anonymous said...

Oh muni drivers doing what they do best, working so hard for their inflated salaries....

wardrobe911 said...

well that explains all the broken white plastic at 26th and Noe that MTA has failed to remove.