May 9, 2009

Farmer's Market Bounty

Homemade fava-stuffed ravioli with an olive oil and morel/fava/pea/shallot sauce. All from the Noe Valley Farmer's Market. Special bonus: new super-good olive and olive oil vendor is now there at the market three Saturdays a month.


kitchen bitch said...

This looks so tasty! I do love that the Noe Valley Farmer's Market is her for us but most of the vendors are a little pricy. I go to one vendor on Saturday (if I go there). They are the farmers located on the back left space abutting the little park with the benches. An Asian family runs it and they are so reasonable. Unlike the farmer across from them. He is outrageous.

I can go and buy organic at Alameny for less. Again I think it is great that we have these wonderful markets in Noe Valley and hope they stay. Just giving my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I second the motion about that Asian family's stall in the back corner: delicious stuff (carrots, lettuce, chard) at delicious prices.

Got to add that the Tues market made my day -- I was starting to jones for some more fresh strawberries and there they were!

Noe Farm Report said...

That looks delicious - the NV Farmer's Market may be pricey but the quality is there.

Lee said...

That ravioli dish looks amazing. Would you post the recipe?

Noe Valley, SF said...

Thanks! We've received a few requests for the recipe, and have sent the following:

We made it up as we went along, but it's pretty easy to explain:

Heat olive oil with a little garlic, pepper flakes, and basil. To make things interesting, we also added a spoonful of saved bacon grease to the pan (the only non-veggie ingredient). When hot, add 7-8 whole sage leaves to crisp. Then add about 1/2 cup peas and let cook a bit. Next up the sliced morels and favas - as much or as little as you want. When the pan got hot again, we added a glass of white wine we just happened to have open. :) Let simmer.

If you're making your own ravioli, we made the filling with about 1.5 cups of favas, 0.5 cup peas and 3 tablespoons of Laura Chenel goat cheese. Salt and pepper. Puree.

When the ravioli floats, strain, toss in the sauce and simmer. Plate. Ads fresh-grated parmesan.

Hope that makes sense. If not let us know.


Lee said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe. I can't wait to try it!