November 24, 2008

How Well Do You Know Your Dog Walker, Noe Valley?

Sanchez St. / Clipper St.

Dog Walker

You walk 6 big dogs at a time. But you only do half your job. Obviously that is too many dogs for you to manage. I've seen dogs pooping as you keep on walking. So you leave a trail of dog sh*t turds behind you. Why don't you keep your dog walking to 24th Street? 24th Street is power-washed once a week.
Next step: the poster should take these flyers and follow the dogs to their homes. Leave them in the mailbox.


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered if people "know" their dog walkers. I'm retired and spend a lot of time with my dog at the dog parks. Many dogs are left on leash and ignored. The worst walker is a petite blond woman who always has at least six dogs, sometimes out of control. She almost never cleans up after them. I wish people investigated their dog walkers as carefully as they do babysitters.

Plug1 said...

better yet, they should pull the ol flaming dog-poo in paper bag on porch trick. its a timeless classic.

Anonymous said...

i think the best thing about this sign is the author's cheerful and whimsical font selection.

Anonymous said...

Dogs should at least be allowed to pause while eliminating. To not stop is inhumane.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the author just say something to the dog walker instead of writing the (admittedly funny) note? So passive aggressive. Sorry, but I see this stuff a lot in SF, and ahem, in Noe Valley, where I live. In NY, people just deal with the problem head on, which is actually quite refreshing. We could learn a little from the East Coasters on this one.