September 6, 2009

NVV: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are highlights from the latest issue. Links are to stories we've covered at NVSF.

September 2009

Front page: Whole Foods opening; Blue Church on outer Church inches closer to demolition (and condos); Senior lunch program extended at NV Ministry; local artist maps her NV memories; librarian Carol Small retires.

Letters: A plea to allow parking in driveways as long as a potted plant is in the car; an open letter to the annoying woman who leans on her horn whenever drivers stop for pedestrians; an appeal to neighbors to shop at local stores once Whole Foods opens to avoid transforming Noe Valley "into a cookie-cutter, third-rate Union Street"; and a reminder that Valencia St stores are open for business during the Streetscape Improvement Project.

Op-Ed: Farewell to Noe Valley Pizza founder Tony Vozaites. Following the La Boulange buyout, Tony and his wife are going on an extended vacation back to their native Greece.

Obits: Remembering longtime Noe Valley resident Mary K. "Micki" Ryan and musician Bruce Sherman.

Cost of Living in Noe: 37 single-family homes sold in June and July – the 2nd highest tally in 10 years according to Zephyr Real Estate. Rent: Still expensive.

Short Takes: The Noe Valley Association is holding a survey to see what businesses residents want to see on 24th St. Take the survey online Sept 7-21 or email suggestions to Debra Niemann at (Ed--The survey was not online yet as of this posting but here's your chance to veto any future title companies, banks, nail salons, psychics or pawn shops.)

Store Trek: Bistro 24, Successories in the Button Box.

Traveling Voice: Spotted in Turkey, North Carolina and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rumors: Camel's milk chocolate at Chocolate Covered; Circle Bank fills the Aveda spot; Green 11 comes to former Ritz space; Deep restaurant opens in place of Deep Sushi; Noeteca soft opening Sept. 9; Noe Tuttimelon finally gets froyo; Accent on Flowers at 24th and Castro is bought by Flowers of the Valley across the street and will soon carry gardening supplies like soil and tools; a plant nursery and garden store called Independent Nature will open behind When Modern Was on Church St on Sept. 21; Glow Day Spa and a psychic are now open on 24th Street; the old Streetlight building and the vacated Phoenix Books building are both for sale ($2.2 million for Streetlight, the other undisclosed).

[The Noe Valley Voice]


Anonymous said...

Actual link to Noe Valley Voice would have been nice.

Anonymous said...

Why provide a link? The Voice staff don't keep their website up to date. You can read LAST MONTH'S issue there.

Noe Valley, SF said...

We usually include the link, but this time it slipped - it's there now.

But expect 2-3 weeks until the current issue is online.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:52 and 9:17-Why don't you go down to 24th Street and pick up the actual newspaper, instead of being chained to your computer screen? Oh, and while you are on 24th Street, maybe you will want to patronize the advertisers who support the Voice with their ads that appear in the newspaper but not in the on-line version. I find the "ads on google" which support this blog, have nothing to do with our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:33.
Why do assume that we don't pick up the Voice or shop in Noe Valley?
The complaint is that the Voice has a website that they don't keep up to date.

Anonymous said...

To Mr./Ms.9:17---assumptions are for rhetorical purposes only. If you read the hard copy of the Voice then why are you complaining?


Anonymous said...

Maybe "Mr./Ms.9:17" is "complaining" because the content of the Voice isn't worth picking up all that paper. Aren't most people reading the "paper" on the web now? My family is. It makes for a lot less waste and it doesn't mean we don't shop in Noe Valley.

Name/URL Here said...

OK guys, once you start referring yourselves as units of time, it's time to get some actual names :-)

OK "9:33" ... "Why don't you go down to 24th Street and pick up the actual newspaper, instead of being chained to your computer screen?"
I'm sure many of us do. But what's the point of putting a supposedly NEWS oriented web site and slack off on updating it for a month or two? This is the 21st Century - meaning for many businesses, a web presence is not a "nice to have", it's a "must have". And your web presence says a lot to your customers as much as any hard copy. I think it's good to keep in mind that one's net presence is potentially MUCH GREATER than one's physical presence. I don't know what's the circulation of the NV Voice's papers, but the circulation of the NVV web site is the entire world.

So yeah, I'm in the camp that NVV should update their site more often.

"Oh, and while you are on 24th Street, maybe you will want to patronize the advertisers who support the Voice with their ads that appear in the newspaper but not in the on-line version" - this is blaming your (potential) consumers for NVV's unwillingness or inability to put up the ads online. I don't know why you think this is somehow more fair. If NVV wants to make more money, they can always put online ads. If they know how.

Anonymous said...

Dear Here Said,

Hear! Hear! Well said and well done.

Anonymous said...

Barely a mention of that deli on 23rd and Diamond closing (says something about retirement) in Noe Valley Voice. Were the owners just not in the mood to talk, or do we just not care about non-upscale neighborhood shops? (Or the third option...Stores are closing so often in the neighborhood now, people can barely keep track.)

Anonymous said...

The deli probably hadn't been advertising with the Voice. Therefore no coverage.

Anonymous said...

Re Voice trashing: I read about the retiring owners of that deli (Andiamo) in the Noe Valley Voice 'Rumors' in the July issue which rumors item was referred to in this blog on July 9. So, now, is there anywhere else in Noe Valley to get a great meatball sandwich?

Godot said...

First of all the URL for the survey is wrong; get to it from (that little "www" is important; these people clearly have no clue how to set up a website).

Second, Andiamo's - I used to live right up the street from it 20 years ago. I walked in once and was so weirded out by the vibe and just how funky it was I never went back. That really saddened me since it was the closest deli. Ah well.

Noe Valley, SF said...

URL for the survey fixed in the main post. Thanks, Godot.

And Andiamo's? Same experience here.

Anonymous said...

It kind of bothers me that Andiamo got passing mention in their "Rumors" section, while fly-by-nights like the psychic store or the foot-spa-of-the-month get so much more coverage in NVV. I mean, it's a small neighborhood. Someone couldn't just pop in for a quick interview? How long have those guys been at it at that deli? They must have had a story or two at least. Seems like a lost opportunity.

TK said...

Why are we upset about the 3G pole-top towers? What am I missing? Hoping this isn't about aesthetics bc the poles are ugly with or without 3G! Enlighten me?