September 25, 2009

Friday Night Surprises on 24th Street

Whole Foods
: Big surprise party in the parking lot this evening – tons of food/snacks, a band and a tapas truck. No booze, just kombucha. There were store tours for people with the right pass, and freebie bags full of healthy junk food (more than a few people left the bags on 24th Street benches and ledges for scavengers).

Green11: An early opening tonight to catch some of the Whole Foods festival foot traffic. It's cute (and tiny).

Starbucks: Workers were still toiling away on the design refresh; they’re going to be there all night. Contractor overheard out front: "We will be opening on time tomorrow AM."

Coming Soon: Mystery Store: New store opening in the Simply Chic space. The hipster dude inside says the name is still a secret but will be revealed next week. Opening mid October-ish, the store will be selling “unique gifts” and “unusual cool things” in time for the holidays. Update (9/27): They told us today they'll feature "spiritual items" by local artists, giving us the impression they meant "crystals." But then maybe we're a bit skeptical anywhere near a psychic.

Urban Cellars: Open for business again.

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kitchen bitch said...

Whole foods really embraced NV tonight. It was a great "party" and certainly set the tone for what is to come. (Actually they set the tone sometime ago by engaging the NV community and listening)

I am very happy to have Whole Foods as a part of the neighborhood I call home.

BLG said...

They aren't open yet!