September 24, 2009

Blue church: Slated For Demo

Word from Felicia is that the Blue Church's days are numbered:
Yesterday the "Blue Church" (Church at San Francisco) located at 28th and Church was boarded up by the sheriff's department and an eviction notice posted. Folks living at the church were given notice several weeks beforehand, however a number refused to leave. The Sheriff's department were to allow them to reenter the building today to gather their belongings. The word is that demolition should begin in 2-3 weeks time.
Longtime residents will recall that this project has been in limbo since the current tenant accused neighbors of racism, sold to the current developer and then sued the developer for fraud. A permit for condo development has been on hold since then, and neighbors have complained about illegal construction and lodging (of homeless) within the church. And that lock on the bathroom door at Martha & Bros? Residents of the Blue Church were 'showering' in the bathroom.

[NVV: Fed-Up Pastor Sells Church to Condo Developer]
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insidesfre said...

Seems like we've been getting periodic updates on the Blue Church for the past several years at our Upper Noe Neighbors' meetings. Am thinking its time has finally come. The developer is probably not in the worst position, as the real estate market is coming back & he may have bypassed the year in which luxury condos wouldn't have fetched the desired price points.

Anonymous said...

Good bye to an eye sore. This place needed to go sometime ago and the neighborhood will be more beautiful without it.

Anonymous said...

Check also my September 2009 photo about the old German Movie Theatre at: