September 26, 2009

District 8 Supervisor Candidate Scott Wiener Discovers Noe Valley

"I’ve always spent a lot of time in Noe Valley, since I live just a few blocks away from it, but in the past few years I’ve come to appreciate more and more how culturally rich and vibrant a place it is and how tight knit it is." Read: OMG there are a lot of voters on the other side of the hill! Welcome to the neighborhood, Scott! Thanks for stopping by during your bid for Supervisor.

[SW2010: Noe Valley — great weekend in a great neighborhood]


Scott Wiener said...

Thanks for posting my blog on Noe Valley. I hope your readers will also check out my website -- -- to learn more about my candidacy for Supervisor.

I'll be the first to admit that I do not live in Noe Valley. But, of course, neither do any of the other candidates. In any election, each candidate will live in one neighborhood and not live in any of the other neighborhoods. What matters is not where people live but what they will do when elected.

I'm a very good fit for Noe Valley. I've been engaged in the neighborhood for years through the Noe Valley Democratic Club, which has always endorsed me. I've also been generating strong support in Noe Valley in my race for Supervisor, including from established neighborhood leaders, leaders in the merchant community, and people who simply go about their lives in the neighborhood.

I've generated this level of support because of my pragmatic focus on basic quality of life issues like neighborhood safety, great public transportation, investment in our infrastructure (roads, Muni, etc.), making SF a place where people can raise families without having to leave, support for small business, and creating great public spaces.

These issues are important to people in Noe Valley, and they're important to me. These are the issues I've worked hard on for many years and that I'll continue to work hard on as a member of the Board of Supervisors.

I may not be a Noe Valley resident, but I will represent the neighborhood well. You can count on that.
--Scott Wiener

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