September 20, 2009

Photos: St. Paul's Scaffolding

Shannon sent the above picture with this comment: My 6-year-old son and I watched the HUGE crane adding the last bits of scaffolding to St. Paul's Church this morning. We both agreed that there is no way we would ever go up there with those workers!

That much scaffolding takes a while to set up - we took this photo August 16th:

FYI: They're repairing the steeples. If you'd like to contribute there is a benefit dinner/auction on November 14th.


Anonymous said...

It gives a pagoda-like look to the spires. I actually like it!

insidesfre said...

I walk my dogs past St. Paul's every day, and have been wondering how much it costs to install that level of scaffolding.

Anonymous said... much it costs. Well, it costs them less than it would cost you because they don't pay taxes.