September 11, 2009

Noe Valley Whole Foods: Opening September 30th

From Inger:
Just walked by, there is a small sign on the sidewalk saying they're opening on Sept 30th! Sorry no picture.

And this last night from @b_frank on Twitter:
just walked by Whole Foods in Noe Valley. Shelves being stocked, employees being trained. Opening day must be around the corner!


Godot said...

Let's hope they train them well...we're a difficult bunch here in Snowy Valley. Won't be long before all the "pert and chipper" becomes "sullen and disdainful".

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Whole Foods can keep their employees a little happier than that.
I shopped at the Santa Fe Whole Foods a lot, full of people with entitlement issues, but the clerks were very friendly.

Anonymous said...

"...full of people with entitlement issues..."

Do you think there could possibly be people like that Noe Valley and would we find them at a Whole Foods market? NEV-er. (I jest.) I just think we need to be prepared!

On the other hand, I am so desperate for a supermarket I can walk to (RIP Bell---you were real and a classic in your own way), I will put up with almost anything.

Thanks for this blog.

Unknown said...

Finally got to Whole Foods in Noe Valley today. I'm still pouting because I wanted it to be a TJ, not a WF. Only went in to use the last of a gift card a friend had given me for my birthday. Underwhelmed by the small size of the store, and of course, by the big prices. Have to say, the staff was cordial and friendly, but it's nothing more than the "Starbucks" of grocery chains -- overpriced, average offerings, and a lot of nothing special. Rainbow and TJ -- I'll be continuing to vote for you with my dollars, no matter how inconvenient.