August 23, 2009

Rumored: Aveda Closing

We received the following from reader Courtney:
Don't know if you guys heard about this, but I stopped into the Aveda store on 24th St today to buy some bath salts and was informed that the store is closing on the 28th of this month. So sad!
.sjb. said the same in June. If true, that same complex has lost Noe Valley Video, GNC and now Aveda in less than a year, and all that's left is Lisa Violeto. Greedy landlords anticipating Whole Foods next door? Business plans that don't fit the changing times/neighborhood? Can anyone confirm? And does anyone have more details?

Details or not, thoughts in the comments please.

[NVSF: Confirmed: GNC Closing]
[NVSF: Closing: Noe Valley Video]


Anonymous said...

Will there be a closing sale? It's the only way I could spring for their pricey products.
It does seem like Whole Foods would be bringing business to Aveda though. Even though I didn't shop there I think it's a shame that it's closing.

discomaz said...

that's a big bummer! i bought things in there on occasion and loved walking by often simply for the fresh smell.

Boogedy Boogedy Boo said...

They are indeed closing. One of the employees mentioned it to me when I was in there earlier this summer.

Noe Valley, SF said...

Quick update: A store clerk today confirmed the last day for Aveda in Noe is this Friday. Aveda the chain is not closing - this particular store is just, ahem, *relocating* downtown to the Westfield mall. No mention of a sale or any specials to commemorate the event.