August 15, 2009

Notice Of Violation: 947 Church St

You know how your life is inconvenienced when someone crashes into your car in the middle of the night and you have to fight the insurance companies for 3 weeks and have no way to get to work? Consider what happened to the folks living just outside our coverage area at 947 Church St after a moving truck crashed through their garage on Thursday.
Violation Description: An automotive vehicle crashed into building, entering through garage opening at front of building and into rear wall of garage before coming to a stop. Impact has caused significant damage to front facade of building and compromising the structural integrity of building. Damage to utilities. Turn off and cap all utilities.

Corrective Action: ...permit application within 30 days with plans...permit within 60 days...complete within 90 days...Failure to comply will cause abatement hearings to begin... Consult with structural engineer to assess damages, provide shoring plan and implement plan within 24 hours. Also secure building and repair/board all windows. Obtain a building permit to repair damage.
Not enough of a headache? The building is now under "Restricted Use," which is to say "Do Not Enter" without consulting the Department of Building Inspection. Not even to get your toothbrush.

Violation? Who exactly is being violated here?

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Sweetie said...

Never live at the bottom of a hill.

Nelson said...

I don't think the building inspector's attempt is to be punitive. Presumably the building is truly unsafe.

I took my own photos after the crash. Same as linked above, except I got one looking down the hill to show what the driver was contending with. Quick thinking got him into the garage instead of a tree or the corner of two houses.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a tree or a corner of a house have been better? I do my laundry in my garage and with three kids spend a lot of time down there. My husband has his workshop down there. I don't think you can count on a garage housing only cars.

Anonymous said...

I live across the street and heard the crash from indoors. It was crazy loud and scared the pants off of me. Initially I thought it was just a very bad car accident, I was surprised to find out the truck ran into a house.

Anonymous said...

I know this blog often adopts a snarky voice, but really? Is it inconvenient? Absolutely. But personally, I'd rather see those residents inconvenienced temporarily rather than have their house collapse on them. I'd be happy to buy them a toothbrush.