August 25, 2009

Coming Soon: Green 11

Workers in the old Ritz space at 3980 24th St say Green 11 hopes to open on September 1. What is Green 11? A locally-owned company that lets you "refill your own containers with organic beauty & non-toxic cleaning products."

[Official Site: Green 11]


Anonymous said...

You can already do this with a huge selection of products from Rainbow Grocery. We've been doing it for years. Yet another business I don't personally need on 24th Street.

Tamagosan said...

I love doing this at Rainbow, too, but a walkable spot is nice, n'est-ce pas ?

caroline said...

i can't deal with rainbow any more, too crowded, too expensive, no parking. i can't ride my bike or take the bus and get all my groceries home, so i just don't go. i'm really excited to see green11 coming to 24th. i will support for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rainbow's great but it's not convenient, unless you have motorized transportation, or happen to live somewhere close in the Mission or SOMA.

If only Rainbow decided to expand and move in where Bell used to be, rather than mega-corp Whole Foods. Ahhh.... too bad that ain't happenin'.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have been going to Rainbow for years but it will be nice to have an alternative...and some place within easy walking distance.