August 29, 2009

Announced: Circle Bank Coming To Noe Valley

Circle Bank, a Novato-based firm specializing in fractional TIC mortgages, is going to open a full-service branch in Noe because, well, "The demographics of Noe Valley are similar to those of Marin County." They haven't announced which space, but we're thinking in the GNC/Noe Valley Video/Aveda strip. Right next door to Wells Fargo in the short-lived AAA space would work, too.

Update (8/31): Good snark.

[SFBT: Novato’s Circle Bank to expand into San Francisco]


robertol said...

My money is on the AAA space. There has been a lot of activity in there lately. Thought it'll be weird to have two banks next to each other.

Anonymous said...

I give them a year, tops. Oh, and I give the psychic six months (but she probably already knows that).

Anonymous said...

PLEASE not another bank or nail salon or womens clothing shop (unless it has plus sizes), or coffee shop. How about a preteen and tweens kids store WITH shoes or a mens store or our old video store or something else that we DON"T have.