August 1, 2009

Announced: Noe Valley Glow Day Spa

We're hoping that day spa isn't a euphemism for nails/waxing but regardless that's what's going into the old Well's Fargo space at Riki space at 4037 24th St. After some serious work on the place, a A sign in the window (and an ad on Craigslist) announces the new spa and the need (requirement) for new staff ("aestheicticians & nail technicians "). No mention of massage therapists, herbalists, landscapers or any of the other arts we associate with a spa.

Stay tuned.

[NVSF: Closed: Riki]


Anonymous said...

We wouldn't have all these toxic fake nail places if nobody used them.

AHipperNoe said...

We sure have an eclectic mix of businesses here in Noe: nail salons galore (alas, one more), frumpy clothing stores, tchotchke shops, copycat brunch joints, and a psychic. It doesn't seem to match the upscale 'yuppie' demographic we're stereotyped for. It would be interesting to hear what businesses Noe residents think would be a kickin' success here. (Perhaps all of the above are indeed successful!).

Anonymous said...

This will last for 6 months max. Why bother opening?

Anonymous said... true!

I think that Boulange place would be great (bonus, the person who started those stores lives in Noe apparently).

Other than that, tough call...I see a lot of the same places over in Presidio Heights / Laurel Heights as over here but for some reason the places over there seem to be a lot 'fresher'.

One place that I'd think would do great: a 'beautifull' or Lilah-Belles like establishment.

Anonymous said...

Yet another new establishment to not look forward to.

SFNoeMom said...

I think a Dailey Method or Bar Method would have a killer business here -- with so many post-baby moms looking to get into shape and not many efficient workout solutions in the area. A high end club (i.e. Bay Club, SportsClub) would do well here too (pool, workout classes, sauna, tennis courts?) - but the real estate alone would make this prohibitive.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the following:
Mixt Greens
Some sort of pool
A real frozen yogurt place

Anonymous said...

1) Non-chain coffee shop that stays open late;
2) Good taqueria without any murky legal problems, or a better Chinese takeout place;
3) Video rental store (one on Castro is too small);
4) Did I mention a coffee shop that stays open late?
5) An unpretentious but well-stocked wine bar;
6) How about an economical ethnic restaurant we don't already have - like Vietnamese, Spanish, etc.;
7) How about an overpriced and pretentious dining establishment with small portions and low overall value... oh wait, a couple of those opened around my block recently

Anonymous said...

Will we ever get a Frozen Yogurt store? I visit a friend in San Mateo frequently. They have three or four yogurt places "downtown" that are always busy. Surely Noe Valley could support one.

kaya said...

Speaking of Anonymous 9:16 item 2... what *is* it with Casa Mexicana?? Is there some salacious story I don't know about? That place is *terrible*... and it's huge and been there for years. I went there once a loooong time ago and still can't get over how crap the burrito was. It mut be a front for something.
Anyway, while I'm at it, why can't people find it in their hearts to post as something, anything, besides anonymous? It's so easy to click name/url, and make up a silly name that isn't anonymous and yet is.

Godot said...

Geez, HipperNoe, all those places just suck. Who needs "frumpy" clothing stores? Who needs tchotchke shops? Why do these places remain when others that are actually cool and useful like Streetlight decline? Why is that crappy Chinese take-out still there? Why don't we have a good, cheap Indian restuarant? Why don't we have ANY cheap restaurants? Even Casa Mexicana is now not "cheap" (and Kaya, it's not bad; it used to be still is not nearly as good as just about any place a few blocks away on Mission). Part of the "not cheap" is, of course, due to San Francisco's minimum wage and other requirements like health insurance so we just have to suck it up and shell out when we want to eat out.

We are, in fact, losing the good "eclectic" stores, but then Noe Valley is descending more and more rapidly, it seems, into becoming a more boring and aggressively tedious middle class (as defined by Fussell in the book Class) bedroom community for Silicon Valley and Genentech.

Anonymous said...

The most effective way to express your opinion about any business, new or old, is with those flimsy green rectangles in your wallet. Those are your votes.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Are we talking nail salon, hair stylists, tanning machines? Has anyone called the freakin' telephone number and asked for some info????

Unknown said...

kaya, you may have missed out on the demonstration outside Casa Mexicana a little while back. Who knows what's the real story, but public disputes between labor and management is never good. I use to use CM for my burrito fixes when I was too tired to walk down to the Mission. But the lack of any settlement in the labor dispute makes me want to no longer patronize the place. Also, I did find a little roach in my super taco a while back. I let that pass, but roach + labor/management problems and I'm staying outta there.

Anonymous said...

Casa Mexican is mediocre, at best. There's a much better burrito place little Glen Park.

Anonymous said...

"Why do these places remain when others that are actually cool and useful like Streetlight decline?"

Streetlight died for the same reason that Virgin and Tower and Noe's video store closed up shop. People aren't buying or renting physical media anymore.

Now why nobody ever opens businesses in Noe that are interesting or cool, I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

streetlight did not decline the owner of streetlight wants $10000 a month rent to support his other store, 24th street location always did well.

Anonymous said...

Papalote is a great substitute for Casa Mexicana. And it is only 6-8 blocks away...

Asian comfortfood, ie ramen/udon noodle house would be a nice addition.

Kudos to 8/4 anon for Plutos/Mixt. Squat and Gobble to give Toast a run would be great. Wine bar ala Amelie or Nektar.

A real sports bar, like Kezar or Greens with decent lighting and real sports fans.

Anonymous said...

Ive been down to glow day spa,absolutely fantastic experience,its not ur typical run of the mill nail salon.the owner n staff wer very professional n freindly.The facial i had was excellent.well done to the owner you brought class to Noe valley.check it out girls.Highly recommend it.