January 19, 2009

Food Bites: What's New In Noe

A quick round-up of the latest Noe Valley food news:

Incanto is now offering a Leg of Beast dinner as a simpler version of Cosentino's popular Whole Beast events. Best for 6-8 people, the meal "is centered around a whole leg of beef." Reservations and pre-order required; $200.

La Ciccia is hosting another of its popular Cena di Porco dinners on January 26th featuring a whole roasted suckling pig and wine pairing. $75 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Reservations by phone only - (415)550-8114.

Firefly celebrated its 15th anniversary in November. (We ate there the first month they were open and can't believe it's been 15 years!)

Contigo hired a General Manager and hopes to announce an opening date soon. Go Brett!

City Grill opened as expected on January 14th. The website isn't up yet (citygrillsf.com), and the menu is evolving. But for now they're offering steak, a pork chop, burger, and fish, chicken and veggie options. Now we know what "classic American fare" means to Stefano Coppola.

Cooks Boulevard has announced their new class schedule, and classes are filling up fast. Also be sure to check out the upcoming events at Omnivore Books.

It may be January, but the warm weather continues to bring crowds to the Farmer's Market. This week there was a new vendor selling organic vinegar, and there's talk of more vendors to come - possibly on a rotating basis. Spring is just around the corner...

Nothing new to report on the "Vietnamese Fusion" at 1298 Church St. except that there's nothing new to report. There's been no work on the space for a couple of months. Anyone have details?

Finally, Elizabeth Street Brewery. Yes... Noe Valley has a brew pub. They Tweeted this weekend that they're set to brew another 200 gallons of beer this year and hope to keep up with ever-increasing demand. Drink up!

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