January 31, 2009

Bell Market Employee Farewell

This flyer was handed out at the Farmer's Market this morning:
Join the Board of the Noe Valley Farmer's Market and other long-time shoppers and neighbors in honoring the service provided by the workers at Bell Market, which will permanently close its doors on February 15, 2009.

Some of Bell's most loyal and capable employees--all proud members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union--have worked the Noe Valley store for over 30 years and have witnessed many changes to our neighborhood over this long history. During all that time, they have provided our community with excellent service, always treating us with politeness and respect--and often with warmth and humor--while expertly working along the aisles or at check-out counters or weighing out and packaging meat and fish or other specialty items. Although many of these workers did not live in out neighborhood, they have always been a true part of our community and in many cases have become our friends who have added greatly to the experience of shopping at Bell. These men and women have been the ones to supply Noe Valley with most of the staple foods we all eat every day and have contributed greatly to making Bell Market a venerable Noe Valley institution.

We will hold a ceremony in the presence of the Bell workers honoring their contribution next Saturday, February [7] at 11am in the horseshoe park area immediately adjoining the farmer's market.
Not everyone would agree with the hyperbole above, but the employees are losing their jobs in a tough market. Let's hope Whole Foods rehires the competent ones.

What: Ceremony to honor Bell Market employees
When: Saturday, February 7, 11:00am
Where: Park adjacent to Noe Valley Farmer's Market

[NVSF: Bell Market: Winding Down]


Anonymous said...

Word from the employees is that they are moving to the store in the Tenderloin.