January 14, 2009

Stroller Files: Stuff Parents Like

SFGates's The Mommy Files blog checked out Stuff White People Like and "it sparked an unoriginal idea to develop my own list poking fun at myself and the idealistic, inspired parents who I hang with in my urban Noe Valley neighborhood."

Some highlights:
  • Pushing around overpriced strollers "If grandma hadn't given us the money for the Bugaboo, we never would have paid for it!"
  • Dressing their babies in political onesies "My mama's for Obama!"
  • Feeding their kids hummus "Trader Joe's organic is the best. Wyatt loves to dip jicama in it."
  • Birthing at home "We're at least considering it."
  • Choosing pediatricians who support alternative vaccination schedules "I know the MMR doesn't contain thimerosal but..."
  • Teaching their children a second language "I speak Spanish to her and her dad speaks English and she goes to school in Mandarin. We might put her in French camp this summer because she said that she wants to learn French."
  • Adopting a dog--and then having a kid "Our dog Spot really needed a friend and so we started trying."
  • Giving birth later in life "I didn't think that I wanted kids...I'm just so glad the infertility treatments worked...and now we have twins!"

Readers? Got anything to add? In the comments, please.

[SFGate: The Mommy Files]