January 7, 2009

Fun with Analytics: Christmas Trees

Noe Valley, SF has received a huge amount of traffic lately for our post about holiday trash pick-up. Most people found us with some keyword variation of "Sunset Scavenger Christmas Tree Pickup." We think it's great that so many people are genuinely interested in the proper way to dispose of their holiday cheer.

Contrast that with the apathy of those who have dragged their trees to the curb on any old day and in any condition. Apparently these people haven't read the newsletter that comes with their trash bill (owners) or tried to find the information online (all others). They can't be bothered.

Friendly reminder: Christmas Holiday tree curbside pick-up is this week only. Don't dump your tree on the curb after that. Option: "Trees can also be dropped off at the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council at 780 Frederick St. until Jan. 18, and at Golden Gate Disposal and Recycling at 900 Seventh St. until Jan. 16." Or you could bring them to the SF Recycling Center.

[NVSF: PSA: Sunset Scavenger's Holiday Collection Schedule]
[CBS5: SF Curbside Christmas Tree Recycling Begins]
[NVSF: Fun with Analytics: Google Club]
[Photo: Brian Brooks, via Curbed]


cole said...

yea , i have been to your site before but google sent me to you last week. I was in Los Angeles, as i wanted to find out the xmas tree info for the pickup schedule..

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