January 31, 2009

Operation ESB Super Bowl

Looks like Noe Valley's only brew pub is hoping they can keep up with demand tomorrow:
Beginning "Operation ESB Super Bowl"... 180 pints available on tap. I'm getting reserves today just in case we run out
We have Super Bowl Stout (Daddy's Chocolate Milk); HohmannBrau Pale Ale; Elizabeth Street Bitter (ESB); and Marin Brewing Co. Mt. Tam Pale
Think I'll stock up with some 21st Amendment Brewery beer today as back-up. Although it's not good to have better reserves than your own.

[Twitter: Elizabeth Street Brewery]
[NVSF: Food Bites: What's New In Noe]


murphstahoe said...

Just curious as to what regulations ESB has to abide by - do they have to get a liquor license/etc... or is this basically a "non-business" inviting people over for a brew?

My wife walked by during the Super Bowl - she took the dog to the park while my butt was planted in front of the TV, she said it looked like a very good time was being had by all and I'm sad I missed it!