January 23, 2009

Shop Local: Noe Valley Honey

Here's a cool item we stumbled across this weekend: honey made from local bees. "Limited quantity specialty wildflower honey from the heart of San Francisco. Our honey is gathered in Noe Valley and surrounding regions by bees that are kept free of antibiotics." More information at Pollen Princesses' online shop and on their blog.

[Official Site: PollenPrincesses]


Anonymous said...

I've read a number of articles that discuss incorporating raw honey from local bees into your diet. It is supposed to help with seasonal allergies. Makes sense to me!

SFMichael said...

Thank you for the mention.

Please let you readers know that if they would like to place an order with us, but want to save on shipping we will gladly arrange for them to pick up an order in person.

Simply leave a comment with your order before paying and we will revise your invoice, or refund the shipping charges if you have already submitted payment.


Anonymous said...

You can also find another local honey from Noe Valley Apiaries at Lovejoy's Attic on Church Street.