January 18, 2009

January 20th Inauguration Events

Listening to the We Are One concert today it became clear just how big an event Obama's inauguration will be. Three whole days? Really? Did Bush get three days, or just one day each election? (Honestly...we weren't paying attention.) A full calendar of Washington, DC events can be found here.

So when looking for events here in (warm and sunny) San Francisco, we discovered that giant Jumbotron displays will be set up at Civic Center simulcasting the whole shebang on Tuesday. "The event is free, but the public are asked to bring a donation of new socks and underwear (with tag attached) for the SF homeless in place of admission fee."

Anyone have the scoop on Inaugural parties here in Noe Valley? Party in the streets? Any Noe Valleyans live-Tweeting or blogging from DC? Let us know what you know in the comments, please.

[FunCheap: Presidential Inauguration Simulcast]
[SFGate: Schedule of events for Obama's inauguration]
[NYT: Lincoln Memorial Concert Kicks Off Festivities]
[Photo: Change.gov]


Charlotte said...

To my Noe Valley Neighbors -- I am having an inaugural viewing party on my television at 8:30 am. I live in Noe Valley and will welcome my neighbors. If you'd like to come email me at charlottemakoff@yahoo.com. Pastries, scones and hot (Kenyan) coffee will be served.

Anonymous said...

all sorts of other things going on to celebrate as the evening goes on...