October 13, 2008

We're So There: Red Bull Soapbox Derby

When we first saw signs posted around Noe Valley announcing a hearing about whether or not to grant the Red Bull Soapbox Race a permit to close streets we were skeptical. (Remember the Pac Heights NIMBYs who didn't like the ski jump competition on Fillmore?) But the event received a permit and we shrugged.

And so yeah.... we've seen the signs. And we know a few people making a car for the event. But seriously? Soapbox? Those wooden cars with rickety wheels our dads helped us screw up when we were kids and then never went further than the end of the driveway? Whatever.

All that changed over the weekend when we walked past two of the Soapbox "cars" that will be competing this weekend:

The Bowling Car

This egg is already broken

Now we're, like, totally excited to go. Here's what the promo says:
The live show promises to be a huge hit, complete with announcers Uncle E and Meghan Mongillo on the start ramp, Luv Cheese with the judges and Jerry Bernardo at the finish line. Each of the 39 teams will perform on stage at the starting line to the music of their choice before racing down the course.
What: Red Bull Soapbox Race
When: Saturday October 18, 2008; pits open at 11:00am; races start at 1:00pm
Where: Dolores Park, San Francisco
Route: Race is from 21st to 19th on Dolores St
Cost: Free
Vittles? Food and beverage stands on site, no outside food, beverage allowed - they'll be checking

[Red Bull Soapbox Race: San Francisco]