October 17, 2008

Preview: Red Bull Soapbox Race

Lots of banners, TV ads and neighborhood marketing have created a monster - anywhere from 15-40k people are expected to descend on Dolores Park tomorrow for the Red Bull Soapbox Race. We took a walk this evening and it looks like the event will take over the park, 20th St, Liberty St, 21st St, and Dolores between 21st and 18th. Expect crowds in all the surrounding areas and no parking.

Still... it looks like a good time. And the cars are certainly creative.

[NVSF: We're So There: Red Bull Soapbox Derby]
[Official Site: Red Bull Soapbox Race]


Anonymous said...

how many folks made it out there? i heard 75k (which seems high) - that said, i have never seen that many people in D Park ever. it was absolute mayhem and very difficult to get in and out of.

Noe Valley, SF said...

When we were leaving the screens were displaying 75k, but the Chron reported only 60k. But you're right - it was mayhem. Just walking across the park was difficult. The B&T crowd near us were dreading leaving....

We took a fair amount of crowd shots (couldn't get too close to the course). We'll post a couple later today.

Has anyone checked out the condition of Dolores Park since then?

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of complainers! we were there, had a great time, the park easily accommodated the people. there was no chaos, no mayhem, just fun and great weather!
walked thru the park the day after and it looks just fine. you people need to lighten up. parks are for people to use, not to just look at.